e-Beach Wagon


Inspired by the retro look of woodie wagons. Innovated in the latest technology of electric transportation. Introducing the mother of all beach wagons. e-Beach Wagon is a patent pending electric motorized 2’x4′ multi-terrain wagon that travels at a variable speed, controlled by a throttle and steered by a hand grip. It is effortless to carry over 300 pounds of gear to the beach and back, all while charging your phone and electronic devices throughout the day.


⚡  Powder-coated aluminum frame and railings
⚡  12" low-pressure polyurethane balloon tires
⚡  Two 12-volt sealed lead-acid batteries
⚡  Key on & off switch with ignition cover and a set of 2 keys
⚡  Wagon charging port with wall charger
⚡  2 USB charging ports
⚡  Voltmeter on the control panel
⚡  Handgrip with thumb throttle
⚡  Forward / reverse / neutral switch
⚡  Neutral switch for manual pulling
⚡  Depressed railings for carrying long cargo
⚡  Weather-resistant enclosed electrical and mechanical compartment
⚡  Removable tall side railings (slats are weather-resistant paulownia wood)
⚡  8 built-in pole holders to mount flags, umbrellas, or fishing rods
⚡  Removable plastic wagon bed
⚡  Detachable handlebar for easy storage and transportation
⚡  1-Year Warranty

Why Do Beach Wagons Cost So Much?

Colors are not customizable at this time. The wagon's base color is royal blue. The tires are gray with black rims. The railing color is a light wood tone.